EBooks and their existing formats 

Do you like reading books? What if you get to read your favorite book on the computer? Yes, ebooks provide an easy way to read books, the digital way. Let us explore more about eBooks and their existing formats.

What is an eBook?

An EBook is an electronic book which can be read on any gadget or any digital device and can be found in different formats. This is a simple book which is available at a click. Every gadget has a standard format for an EBook and one of the popular one is the PDF format. Almost all gadgets are accessible or compatible to the PDF format and hence they are standardized in most of the gadgets.

There are currently many EBook formats. Some of them are the HTML which enables to read on the laptop and desktop. The Microsoft LT makes it read on the laptop or the Pocket PC, but the computer needs the free Microsoft reader on the system. The latest form of the EBook is the Hiebook – KML which is the recent format of the EBook.

Why should one need the EBook?

In today’s internet medium there are a lot of books written by different authors take their books to the internet and promote their work. The publishing world has become digital but it certainly has certain advantages and disadvantages to it.

The advantages of an EBook are:-

  • The main advantage of the EBook is that there are no shipping costs and the book is accessed via email or the digital medium.
  • This EBook can be printed whenever and many copies can be created at the same time.
  • The EBook can be sold again as there are resale copies available.
  • The EBooks are very cheap and can be available at every low rate. The hard copies can be very expensive at times.
  • The actual physical book can be misplaced and can be frustrating to find them at home. An EBook is very easy to find within a click and searching a specific word or sentence is easy to find.
  • When women read any specific books, they later need a specific page number if it is a recipe book. In case of an EBook, searching these things is easy and convenient and one can print a particular page.
  • The information that is available in the EBook is not normally available in the normal book.
  • These EBooks are the main reason that paper is not used and trees are not cut.


  • Most of the people read books when they get time and reading EBooks is difficult for them.
  • People normally have a habit to read books for some time during sleep in the night, but in case of EBooks this is not possible.
  • A lot of people, who like to keep copies of some specific eBooks, may tend dot use a lot of paper in printing.
  • EBooks are not compatible with the MAC.

As there are two sides of a coin, there are advantages and disadvantages to everything and the same rule is applicable to the EBooks as well. One can think about the advantages and overshadow the disadvantages and use EBooks to save nature.