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Rethinking the enterprise data archive for big data analytics and regulatory compliance


If businesses are to extract value from years of history and corporate memory, they must store data in a fully accessible database or data store with access methods that are standards-based so they don’t need to maintain a different set of skills and tools.

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D-Wave Systems raises $30M to keep commercializing its quantum computer


D-Wave Systems, the controversial poster child of commercial quantum computing, has raised $30 million in venture capital from Fidelity Canada Fund, Goldman Sachs, Business Development Bank of Canada and Draper Fisher Jurvetson. The company, which is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, has now raised $160 million since it was founded in 1999.

Although debate over the quantum properties of D-Wave’s system remains an ongoing affair (see, for example, these two studies — here and here — published in the past few months), researchers do seem generally excited about the types of problems D-Wave’s computer might be able to solve given the right algorithms.

And regardless if it’s ultimately determined to be a true quantum computer, D-Wave is still an interesting company to watch. The company is already working with partners in the financial services and life sciences spaces to apply the D-Wave computer to their problems, and it’s promising to deliver its…

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Google’s top lawyer explains dilemma over EU’s “right to be forgotten” law


Google(s goog) is unsure how to apply “very vague and subjective tests” to the more than 70,000 removal requests that have landed on its doorstep in the wake of a recent court ruling, according to the company’s chief legal officer, David Drummond.

In a Guardian article titled “We need to talk about the right to be forgotten,” Drummond sheds new light on a controversial legal process that lets EU citizens order Google to remove search listings they dislike. Drummond described who is coming out of the woodwork to demand takedowns, and the dilemma Google faces:

former politicians wanting posts removed that criticise their policies in office; serious, violent criminals asking for articles about their crimes to be deleted; bad reviews for professionals like architects and teachers; comments that people have written themselves (and now regret). In each case someone wants the information hidden, while others might argue that it should be out in the open.

According to…

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Your Android Wear smartwatch can now trigger an Android camera from afar


Android(s goog) Wear’s Google Now-powered(s goog) contextual notifications might get most of the attention, but the platform’s second killer feature is as a remote control for your Android device. A new feature in the Google Camera 2.3 update, rolling out Thursday, allows you to use your watch as a wireless remote shutter for your phone.

After updating, when you launch the camera app on your Android phone, a card pops up on the Android Wear screen. Set up your Android-running camera and tap your smartwatch. You’ll get a three second countdown before the shutter snaps, so say cheese.

Selfies from front-facing cameras might be acceptable, but the shooter on the back of your phone produces much higher quality photos. A remote shutter makes self-portraits significantly easier and can help you get clearer pictures and reduce shake as well.

Currently, Android Wear’s remote shutter features is only available on Google’s Camera app because it…

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The ironic voice of popular culture as heard in dialog from a furniture commercial.

Gods of Advertising


Adweek’s Tim Nudd is right to praise this new campaign for American Value City/Signature Furniture –as much for what it is not (direct response crap) as for what it is (mildly entertaining). Few genres of advertising annoy like discount furniture advertising. The screaming. Those spinning dollar signs. Ugly ass products as far as the eyes can see. Kudos to agency Translation for not doing that.

But I want to focus on a detail from the campaign, a feature of the copy, which hopefully invites an interesting discussion. It points to something as a copywriter I’ve wrestled with a long, long time. Listen to the commercial.

Every spot begins essentially the same way. In the one above (my favorite), the lead actor states, “I love this new bed from American Signature Furniture…” He then goes into his bit, which is actually kind of funny.

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Misfit hooks up with the Beddit sleep monitor, which puts biometric sensors underneath the sheets


Wearable computing startup Misfit, best known for its Shine activity tracker, announced plans to sell a new piece of hardware on Thursday. But unlike the Misfit-made Shine, you don’t wear this sensor-laden product — the Misfit Beddit Sleep System is “worn” on a bed, underneath the sheets.

Last month, Misfit announced that it intends to start licensing its proprietary sensor algorithms, starting with an app that uses the accelerometer on the Pebble smartwatch to turn it into a pedometer. The Beddit isn’t Misfit hardware — it’s an existing product made by a Finnish startup — but it is integrated with the Misfit app and is taking advantage of Misfit’s sleep tracking software. Unlike the Shine, Misfit isn’t making hardware, but is rather partnering with sensor makers to fill a specific niche with the Beddit — people who want to specifically track their sleep.


The Beddit is focused on measuring sleep cycles and quality. The actual device…

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Lo que un blogger debe y no debe hacer

Lo que un blogger debe y no debe hacer.